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This post will actually be pretty similar to the post that we posted for our .com site earlier so if you have read that one there is very point in reading this one. But to get to the point in this post we are going to be quickly addressing the way that we write our reviews of slot machines.

When we started this site (and our network) we consciously made the choice to do things a certain way that is a bit different from the majority of online casino and slot machine websites. Most of the them do the same thing, post the same stuff, talk positive about every online casino and write positive reviews about each and every slot machine released by the multitude of providers that there are. (with more popping up each day).

There are various reasons why they do this but basically it comes down to making money from advertising which means they do not care about their visitors as long as they go and play at one of their recommended casinos.

Telling someone a casino is not great, or that a slot machine sucks will not make them any money. Even some very reputable sites that have been around for a long time in the UK and elsewhere continue to list casinos that are terrible. And we include some very well known online casinos in that list that those that have been in the industry for over 15 years like ourselves know are dodgy. And to those of you wondering yes there are some very well known UK casino groups on that list, they just pay their fines and continue as usual.

But we digress, this post is supposed to be about our slot machine reviews, so back to them.

Now like many sites we could just list the information provided by the companies that make the slots and add that to the page. But that really does seem rather pointless as you can get that information from any slot on our site by clicking on the information button that most have.

We do believe in providing the basic information for each slot machine and in many cases we will give you our impression of the slot. However sometimes a slot is simply so unique that we are not going to tell you all about it, especially since you can play it for free, risk no money and have a great time finding out how good (or how bad it is).

And despite our team consisting of quite a few people any in depth review would be just our opinion, we really want this site to reflect the opinion of a large number of players which is why we are focusing on players taking the time to leave a rating and/or comment on each review page.

We want to provide the mechanism to enable a player driven slot machine review website and take things from there. Granted this will take longer to setup and hit its stride but we believe this approach is worth it in the end.

In the meantime we can focus on adding new slots, writing news and ensuring slot machines are available for free play, that way everyone wins in the end.

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