Our Online Casino Slots Reviews, how do they work?

Online Casino Slots

One of the mainstays of our websites is not only the ability to play over 2000 slot machines for free but the fact that each of these slot machines has their own dedicated review page.

The review page is where you can play the slot for free and where you will find our comments/ratings and hopefully ratings and comments by visitors and members of Online Casino Slots News (UK).

In addition we list the most reputable online casinos where you can play each of the listed slot machines and do so based on the country that our member/visitor is from.

In this post we wanted to raise the issue of what we consider a very important part of this page which is of course the actual review and comments. Currently it is possible for any non member to leave a rating. If anyone wants to leave a comment on any of the slots then they need to sign up to our website. This is of course free and members can be assured that we will not bombard them with emails.

In fact we are not that big on emails so we prefer to reach out to our members and visitors via posts like this one.

In the beginning we actually wanted to enable the comment feature to anyone but within days of launching the site we were flooded with spam comments so we decided to switch to a member system which to be fair is serving us pretty well.

Each member now has their own member page (it displays nicknames only) where you can see the slots that they have commented on. We are considering adding more features like wall posting and likes in future as we have set the site and member section up to be able to add these types of things later subject to demand.

Right now we are considering adding the ability to post screenshots to slot machine review pages, if you think this is a good idea please let us know about it.

As mentioned in an earlier post we very rarely (except for on our favourite slot machines) provide too much information except for the basics like reels, rows, paylines and RTP.

We prefer that our users share their view and members of our team will comment on comments. This in our opinion results in much more balanced slot machine reviews something that we consider to be very important.

Last but certainly not least we will always inform you if we consider a slot to be bad, we have no issues with ranking a slot machine low if we jointly feel that a slot machine just does not measure up for whatever reason. You can of course always try any of these ‘bad’ slots for free as well and let us know if you feel differently. In fact we would appreciate it you all did.

In closing our slot machine reviews are a work in progress just like the rest of our website. We started out pretty simple and we would like not to overcomplicate stuff. Factual to the point reviews and a comprehensive slot machine database with the ability to play slots for free is what we set out to achieve and this is what we shall continue to work on.

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