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We are only 10 days into the new year and we continue to receive a lot of mails with regards to how we review slots on Online Casino Slots News UK.

Clearly we do things differently from most sites when it comes to reviewing slot machines and to be clear this is a deliberate choice on our part.

When it comes to starting up a website about slots with a directory of thousands of classic and video slots there are several approaches that you as a website operator can take.

The first and one that we definitely do not condone is simply taking other websites content, possibly rewriting it a little bit or having someone who is cheap to employ edit it a little.

There seems to be a lot of that going on lately and it only appears to be getting worse.

The second option is to take all the information about the slot from the developer website and rewrite this a little, sometimes this is well done, sometimes not so well but basically you end up with the instructions for the slot machine which you could just access yourself and which really are not that interesting to read.

The third option and one that a few very reputable slot machine websites use is to actually play and test slot machines, yes this takes a lot more work but that is the only way to get an accurate feel for how a slot machine performs. We do kind of like this way but we feel there is a fourth option and that is the one we have decided to use to compile slot machine reviews on Online Casino Slots News UK. The sites that use the third option however still seem to post the instructions on each and every review which is something that we definitely do not like as we will explain.

On our site we will test each and every slot machine that we list, although with over 2000 slot machines and growing it does take us a while to catch up and review all of them. We are more a hobby site than a commercial one and we do not have any employees just a few friends that like slots.

Once we have tested a slot machine we will give it a rating and comment on it in our review. Our reviews however tend to be a lot shorter and focus on whether or not a slot machine is good or bad or what type it is.

If it is highly volatile we will mention it, if the buy feature is available and not a good idea to use (as is always the case) we will also mention this along with the basic info like number of reels, paylines and RTP.

It should be obvious that we really like slots of all kinds,in fact we love discovering new slot machines and some older ones and enjoy finding out how they work.

We built this website for similar minded people that like to discover how a slot works and not be told all about it thereby spoiling the surprise. We also feel that people should always make up their own mind, having us tell you that a slot is good or bad still means that we want you to give it a try for yourself,after all our site is about demo slot machines and free play.

You might totally disagree with our ratings and this too is fine, just let us know about it by leaving a rating of your own or sign up for free and leave a comment.

Only in this way can we build up a ‘true’ slot machine review and this is what we hope to do here. Granted it is not a short term solution and building and growing this site will take us quite some time. But already people are taking the time to leave ratings and comments so we feel that we are on the right track.

We really want to be a player driven review site that takes feedback to heart and that grows into one of the largest directory of slot machines in the world. And since we never believe in taking short cuts we shall continue on in this vein.

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