Playing Free Slots Online if you are from the UK

Eskimo Dough Slot

If you have read any of the posts that we have written about the laws that have come into effect regarding the protection of minors and gambling you will be aware that we no longer offer free slot play to visitors from the UK.

The issue with the regulations for us is that we would need to implement a very expensive system in order to verify the age of visitors from the UK that come to our website. As we are first and foremost a hobby site that is not run by a company the costs is prohibitively expensive and could add up to thousands of pounds a month.

Secondly and depending on which third party companies services we use your private data will be exposed something that we are not in agreement with. We have had some very unprofessional contacts with several of these companies which does not inspire confidence.

Then there is the issue of accuracy, already a major British newspaper showed how easy it was to fool the system with fake information and this was using the system of what many believe to be the leading company in the UK for age verification. It must be noted that they did respond professionally to our emails.

As you will likely know the UK government scrapped this regulation as it was going to pertain to people visiting adult sites, why then continue it for gambling?

So our solution is to recommend several online casinos where you can play slots for free without having to make a deposit. Regulated UK casinos have their own systems in place to ensure you are over 18 and due to strong regulation their systems are very secure. When is the last time you have heard of an online casino that was regulated in the UK being compromised? Never would be the answer.

We will continue to inform you as to which slots are coming out and as always UK visitors can still comment and rate each and ever slot.

While this might not be the perfect solution for now we believe this to be the best one and hopefully things go back to normal in future or a more secure and cost effective system that is not just about profit is put in place and made available.

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