Slot of the Day: The Doghouse by Pragmatic Play

The Dog House Slot

For today the gods of chance decided that the slot of the day would be a slot machine that is not even a year old. Released by Pragmatic Play on the 5th of May 2019, The Doghouse slot has (and a little surprisingly to us) turned out to be quite a popular video slot and is played a lot on our site and at online casinos offering Pragmatic Play games.

The Doghouse Slot by Pragmatic Play

We use the word “surprisingly” not because The Doghouse is a bad slot machine we just did not expect it to do quite as well as it has.

When we originally reviewed this slot we did not really like the visuals although that obviously is a matter of personal taste. Technically it was not a bad slot either with 5 reels, 20 paylines and a RTP of 96%.

Pragmatic however had decided to make it a high volatility slot machine which is the bandwagon that every developer now appears to be jumping on. The winning potential was/is pretty decent as well with 6750x your bet.

We just thought that perhaps it was a slot that was a little too simple with the only standout feature being the free spins, it did however play quite quickly which of course was a plus.

So in the end we may have underestimated The Doghouse slot a little, if you have never played it before you can do so for free using our The Doghouse Slot Demo. If you do give the Doghouse a spin or have played it for real money do please take a moment to leave a rating/comment on the review page, it is something that both we and other players will really appreciate.

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