Online Casino Slots News UK June 2020 Update

Respin Wishes Slot

Summer in Europe is finally here and while we are enjoying the nice weather and being able to go outside again we wanted to just take a moment to update you about recent developments for Online Casino Slots News UK.

As you can tell we are continuing to add more slots and videos of each slot since we were forced to stop offering free play on our UK site.

Clearly our new format is still finding traction as visitors numbers to our site continue to increase on a monthly basis. we are continuing to receive both positive and constructive feedback and are making small changes all the time to improve and fine tune our site.

We added a new casino just for our UK audience, it is an online casino with a very good reputation, fully regulated and one that knows how to treat their customers well. All British Casino is a worthwhile addition to our site and they will let you play slots for free just by signing up like the other two casinos that we list.

As you can tell we are sticking by our mission of quality over quantity and only listing a very limited number of UK online casinos that have proven themselves to be the best in the industry.

In terms of slots and developers you can expect some new developers whose slots we have not listed before to be added to the site in the next few weeks. As you likely know from previous posts we are moving into live casino and slots streaming and have spent the last several months researching, setting up and practicing to go live.

While we did conduct some test broadcasts we are now finalizing things and expect to go live with our first real broadcast on Youtube in about two weeks.

Live slots streaming will mark the beginning a what we believe to be a fun and exciting new chapter in the development of Online Casino Slots News UK. You can expect us to post more about this in the next week or two as well and we are really looking forward to ‘meeting’ some of you in our live casino sessions.

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