Looking for New Slots?

Fortune Rangers Slot

If you are you are definitely not alone judging by the number of requests we have received asking us to add a section to the website that showcases the latest slot machines.

And we can understand this as with more than 2000 slot machines on the website it can still be hard to find the latest slot or the slot that might appeal to you.

We have of course made our directory of slot machines searchable and created pages for each theme type and software developer, however many of you are clearly and justifiably interested in new slot machines.

And since we at Online Casino Slots News UK are all about listening to our audience and members we decided to create a new section on our website that will not only list slots that were/are released this year but that will also inform you of upcoming releases.

That’s right from today you can simply visit our New Slots page and find out exactly which slots have been released in 2020 to date and which slots you can look forward to being released in the near future.

We really appreciate the people that took the time to send us their suggestions, this was just one of the many good ones that we have received and we will slowly but surely work our way through the list in order to continue to improve the site.

Please keep you suggestions coming and we will of course update you when we implement further changes.

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