April 2020 Update for Online Casino Slots News UK

Danger High Voltage Slot

April of 2020 has turned out to be yet another very busy month for us. So many developer have been releasing slot machines that we are actually having a hard time keeping up with all the new releases.

This is made more so by the fact that more and more developers seem to want to work with our site(s) and are offering to give us early access to their latest slot machines.

We of course want to take full advantage of any early access to this explains why for now we are focusing more on adding new slots and creating content for our Youtube channel while we are not devoting any time at all to writing articles related to the more general online casino industry.

Ideally of course we would like to do both and no doubt in future we will get back to doing so but for now slots are our first focus and news will come in second.

Site visits are way up even from the United Kingdom where as you will know we are currently unable to offer free slots. However our UK regulated online casino that we have partnered with to provide free slots seems to be very well received by our audience judging by the record number of players that have signed up this month.

We really do think that this is the best solution for everyone, this way there is no need to verify your age on our site, share your details with third parties and you can do what you always do enjoy playing the latest slots.

A quick note on our Youtube channel, this also is growing quite steadily and we now have over 100+ subscribers which we are really happy about.

Please check out our channel at https://youtube.com/c/allaboutslots we will continue to create and post videos there as people seem to be enjoying watching them.

We do not do hype videos or fake videos like many websites, we simply play in demo mode and see what happens and we make it perfectly clear that we are playing in demo mode. We do not want to give people the impression that slots are a way to make money we just want to show the way each slot machine looks and plays.

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