Major Site Update for Online Casino Slots News UK

Fortress Charge Slot

As you have likely already seen it is no longer possible to play slots for free on Online Casino Slots News UK.

The decision to stop offering free slots even to non UK visitors was not an easy one to make but considering all the angles and taking into account all the circumstances resulted in this being the right decision to take moving forward.

One of the issues we had after removing the option of playing slots for free for UK visitors (who of course make up most of the visitors to this domain) was that we could not present any other relevant slot information in a proper way.

Without enabling free play there is really only the review of a slot to make a judgement on along with comments from other players. And since we are a player driven review site that is still growing we do not write the standard “repeat instructions released by developer and call it a review” reviews.

We really do feel that is very important that you see and hear how a slot machine plays and without offering a free demo there is really only one option for that. We have been working on our Youtube channel for quite some time mostly as a record of slot machines, ie a kind of visual directory.

Having spoken to quite a few of our members we came to the conclusion that showing our videos on the site would be the next best thing or in some cases even better then listing a demo so this is what we have decided to implement.

From now on you will be able to view videos of each of our slots which of course means that we can also show you exclusive previews on the site something we know that many of you will appreciate.

With our current setup there was no easy/feasible way to show both a demo for non UK users and a video for UK users only and we also want to see how the site will do when listing videos only.

Because of our partnerships with some of the leading online casinos all of our visitors will still be able to play slots for free at the casinos that we list below each slot machine.

And while it might take a week or longer to update the website this will also allow us to focus more on new slots and reviews then before with a lot of time previously being spent trying to find demo feeds etc that worked properly.

This move might not be appreciated by everyone but we do think that it is the smartest move in going forward with Online Casino Slots News UK.

We would as always love to hear your thoughts on the matter so please feel free to reach out via email or social media.

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